3 Tips To Overcoming Relationship Challenges (Professionally)

1. Do you know the goals and objectives of the team?

a. If you don’t know your team’s goals and objectives, learn

them and be able to effectively communicate them at all times.

b. Understand your role in accomplishing the goals and objec

tives of the team.

2. How would you effectively deal with a team member who is not motivated?

a. Increase your motivation and be patient with them.

b. When they are being negative, focus your conversation on

positive solutions.

c. Re-affirm their power by saying to them, “I believe you are powerful enough to overcome the challenge.”

d. Do not allow them to steal your energy or waste your time.

3. What should you do if someone asks you to do something unethical?

a. Explain to the person that what they are asking you to do would be unethical and that you do not want a backlash to come back on you.

b. If the person responds, “Yes, I understand, but I just need you to do it.”

c. Put in a confidential memo/email to the person, “As per your request, I am executing ABCD. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.”

d. Carbon-copy a superior or human resources and keep a copy safe. You must be able to provide this information immediately; just in case you need verification of the event.

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