5 perks of drinking water everyday (lovenow360.net Daily Renewal)

Water intake has been considered to play a vital role in our lives. The amount of water we consume is directly proportional to its advantages. The best part about this resource is that it is fat free and is the main component of our body.

Five important benefits of drinking water on regular basis are :

Reduces Exhaustion-when we don’t have adequate amount of water in our body then we experience fatigue and it is the first sign of dehydration. Thus, drinking adequate amount of water can help you to avoid disturbance in your body.

To


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How to Get What You Want

“There is something in the man who succeeds, which enables him to use his faculties successfully, and this something must be cultivated by all who succeed; the question is, what is it?

It is hard to find a word, which shall express it, and not be misleading. This something is Poise; and poise is peace and power combined; but is more than poise, for poise is a condition, and this something is an action as well as a condition. This Something is Faith; but it is more than faith, as faith is commonly understood: As commonly understood, faith consists of the action of believing things which cannot be proved; and the Something which causes success is more than that. It is Conscious Power in Action.

It is Active Power-Consciousness. Power-Consciousness is what you feel when you know that you can do a thing; and you know How to do the thing. If I can cause you to Know that you can succeed, and to know that you know How to succeed, I have placed success within your grasp; for if you know that you can do a thing and know that you know how to do it, it is impossible that you should fail to do it, if you really try. When you are in full Power Consciousness, you will approach the task in an absolutely successful frame of mind. Every thought will be a successful thought, every action a successful action, and if every thought and action is successful, the sum-total of all your actions cannot be failure.”

The Science of Getting Rich

The Proven Mental Program To A Life of Wealth By Wallace D. Wattles

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