Why Schools Should Pay Attention to Corporate Wellness Programs (LoveNow360.net Daily Renewal)

Being a teacher is an unsustainable career choice. More and more we are finding that this profession is so demanding that we can’t expect people to remain in the classroom for five years, let alone the entirety of their career.

This is real. This is our reality.

When you expect people to give so much of themselves, it’s natural to also expect there to be consequences. I am a teacher. My friends are teachers. Most people I know in any realm of education have spent time in the classroom. So many of us have lost ourselves, or are losing ourselves, as we teach each day. Pieces of ourselves fall away. Pieces of who we are begin to fade. And for most of us, the rewards of loving these children cannot outweigh the pile of our pieces that begin to add up.

We need to care for our teachers differently.

To


Affirm: I Am Powerful Enough

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I read hundreds of books, listened to tons of audiotapes, attended countless seminars, and exposed myself to scores of successful people, concepts and methodologies on the topic of success. In the final analysis of my research, I have discovered that 1) Success is a self-discovery process and 2) one must access a Power Consciousness in order to materialize success on any level. I have discovered that accessing a Power Consciousness is the key to every motivational, inspirational, self-help, business or professional growth and development process.

Each of us has the opportunity to access our Power Consciousness in order to heal and transform our lives and materialize great success. If you truly desire to heal and transform your life in order to materialize more health, relationships, career advancement and financial wealth, you must begin by accessing your Power Conscious.

The information in this program is not merely motivational. It will empower you to access the Power Conscious mindset based on where you are in your life, right now. You will learn that no matter who you are or where you are in your life right now, accessing your Power Consciousness will dramatically increase your ability to overcome life challenges to succeed in life.

Who do you desire to be and what do you desire to materialize in your life? In the chapters that follow, we will give you the self- empowerment tools you need to access your Power Conscious mindset. This will allow you to discover the power within in order to be who you desire to be, fulfill your purpose and materialize your deepest goals and desires.

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